GRATITUDE – The Law of Magic



No matter who you are , Where you are , What circumstances you are living now the magic of gratitude will change your life .

From Buddha to Einstein all practiced the law of gratitude . You have always been heard “ What you sow so shall you reap “

Or “ What goes around comes around “ are the universals law itself .

Well I can say is “Gratitude a day keeps a problem away “

How much gratitude you give to a situation , the happy things will multiply and will come back to you just like a boomerang !!!

It is all because of the law of attraction so whatever you think , whatever you feel …you attract back to you.

GRATITUDE IS MAGNETIC . More Gratitude you have ,

More abundance you magnetize.



Even the well known persons like Newton who mentioned in his theory “ Every action has an equal and opposite reaction “ applies to our law of gratitude .


And Jesus said ” THANKYOU before he performed each miracle “.


Muhammad said ” gratitude for abundance will continue” .


Buddha said ” you have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy” .


So practice of gratitude is at the very root of most indigenous traditions.

Practice Gratitude and don’t forget to thank yourself.




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How to make your life happy and full of excitements.

How to make your life happy and full of excitements.

It’s a question running on everyones mind but answer discovered by very few.
We all work hard and struggle to make our life happy but this is not the way. Yes you heard right this is not the way…! We’ll tell you some secrets that will change your boring life more excited and it’s not that difficult trust me.

So we have some really simple steps to follow that will make your life more excited and happy.

1. Craziness is important.

The most important fact is you need to be Lil crazy i know it’s weird but no one is paying you for your serious attitude though. Craziness means you have to be more open up and having fun around. Making fun of the things that disturbing you will indirectly make you stress free out of that thing.
Just imagine you don’t care about the serious stuffs getting around you. Your mind is chill and more active now.

2 share a fun loving environment

Your environment decides what kind of person you are so, share a fun loving environment that will help you to build up healthy atmosphere and keeps your life free from that rubbish politics. Start cracking jokes on some stuffs even that are not much funny but that is helpful to make you a pro on these things. People will recognise you as a fun loving person and that indirectly makes you feel more special about yourself.

3. Don’t bring negative thoughts.

Don’t bring negative thoughts in your mind because this is the main reason why we are depressed. Start neglecting negative thoughts if they are disturbing you much go out have fun. Watching movies(specially comedy), going out with friends, playing many games it’s healthy during this period.

4. Be social

Being Social means connecting with people and this means you are growing up your network which will be healthy for you. Go out and hangout with friends will be one option or travelling new places, going to social networking sites, being friendly to everyone are the source to be a social person.

5. Change your way of thinking

Goal is everything in an individual’s life. Make a goal it can be achieving a degree, being fitness model, starting your own business etc. This will remind you that you have a target or destination to reach. This is positive way of approach to get a happy and excited life.
If you can’t make long term goals as discussed start with short term goals. That will complete your targets and will approach to more other targets too.

These are the steps you can follow to make your life excited and happy.
Nothings gonna change if you don’t follow it but if you do it will make a difference.
Think about upgrading yourself and too in a better version. So, let’s make a better version of yourself and leave an impact on people around you.

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I can’t forget what I’m looking for..



I stare in mirror sometimes

I see no clear image of mine

I heard people giving me advice

I stood like a mountain in my tough times

now what I become is a tough stone

that innocence in me is now gone

I’ve seen my dreams broken on the floor

I need no motivation anymore

Coz I can’t forget what I’m looking for..

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Heart Beat

grungy heart beat


The only thing i feel is my heart beat

Im never alone , I can still stand on my feet

because it gives me strength

when im afraid my heart beat runs to a long length

Now a single hope is only thing to me

I just want to break all the hurdles and to get free

let me live the life I’ve dreamed

much better than what it seemed

but you cant have rainbow without rain

I have to fight and overcome the pain .

Nothing here belongs to save my life…

I see this world is blind,

I have nothing left behind,

Leaving in this land and can’t even look sunshine,

This is not fair everything i look here is not mine,

I’m think I’m cursed coz nothing here belongs to save my life..

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A Mother’s touch is all you need…


You’ve been by my side since I was small

Whenever I needed you , I just had to call

You’ve nursed my wounds and soothed my fear

Healed my heart and wiped away my tears

You’re my friend so dear

Throughout my life you are always near

My friends asked me why my Mom is the best

I gave them list and told them Im Blessed

Cooking , dinner , cuddles , play    

Singing , Dancing , fun all day

If you will ask me whats my best side

I’ll turn and point out at you Mom

Hear all the cheers on the ground

You are the best person I have ever found

My mother seems me as bright as beautiful girl

Who’s grown up in this busy world

Who’s funny , courageous , strict and strong

Who’s intelligent and knows right from wrong

Mom !Always smile , my worl shines

Mom you will be always mine. 

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Human conventions..

We all want to rule this world.. 
This is the topic going on my mind for few days. How we all live to reach our destinations. How it’s all created? this was my question and I got so many answers for this.


What is human convention?

Look at yourself you also follow it. When we born as a human we take a first step towards it. We started involving in our convention from our playschool (sounds weird right..). Just think how you started studying things just to get into higher classes in school. You started realising you need to have a good professional life then you took a step to choose your field of profession. This is not all you just got into beginners level now.

After this you started thinking like.

Smart profession = good carrier = handsome money = good girl = Happy family = Happy you

      What a relation.. We all think like this and it is obvious and makes sense too( for us right ). But this world have nothing to do with this shit just imagine you are going to die anyways. Whether you are a billionaire or a begger you are going to leave all this behind you. This makes sense that you have to prove yourself and live like a boss for entire life. Think of the human conventional chain it’s a very deep concept which took place without any intention to make us busy but just because of our thoughts we created it.

Yes you heard right our thoughts gave this birth. We all want to get success no one here want to live like a slave or want to live in a small apparment we started working hard to achieve it when we got civilized. This helped us to develop our species too. So, the conclusion can be our selfishness or you can say the desire to live a royal life.

Just look now we humans are almost controlling this globe. I will not be wrong if I say we are ruling this world. Except the nature everything is in our control ( just think what left? ). This will haunt you that we are ruling humans nothing else. We are trying to rule each other. And this gave lots of distructive results. I added these points because we species are meant to live a life as beautiful as nature but our own convention is destroying each other. So, from where it started it was started from our own thoughts our own desire.

Human convention is what we are living. Just like in electricity +ve charge and -ve charge exists our human behaviour also can categorised in same way.

This is my thought about human convention. I leave further discussion to you. 

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Music psychology..

“Music is a platform which is common to all race, religion and nationality.” 

Music have a great impact on human life. It requires only the music to encourage an individual. We can say music is limitless because in our entire globe no one is out of the music’s touch.

Music was started as a part of entertainment in human life when we were very far from any technology. As we all have heard and also seen some backward tribes singing and dancing around a fire. Some call it a tradition, culture and lifestyle too.

So you can imagine from where music followed us and now we can say we are all followers of music. 

Some facts about Music .. 


Psychological facts of music in human brain is that our brains started developing a different cell only for music in simple words brain have a separate section of music, from this we can have an idea what kind of impact music have.
Music with pure music we can say classical Indian music,  English classics and others are very much useful for mind refreshment. Music is one of the source of mind refreshment. Music with more of the lyrics adds more meaningful impact on listeners. Music with only instruments or simply instrumental is stress destroyer. Music with story telling most accepted in hiphop is connecting minds of listeners with artist. 

There are lots of facts about music as it is a very vast subject to make a discussion on. Some of I know have mentioned here.

Musical impact on one’s lifestyle. 

Your lifestyle is also influenced by the music you listen. The music controls your mind that is why the kind of music you listen directly moulds your thoughts and imagination in that way. This is the reason why some kind of musics are very attached to us. Artists are now making their impact through music which directly makes a listener behave like an artist they listen. There are many facts that can be discussed to prove our lifestyle is also controlled by music. 

This is not a big deal. I know psychologically it is very much offensive to accept this fact but also remember that we change the music genre depending on the situation and mood.

Music therapy. 

Music therapy is a cure for many problems. It is the treatment for depression, stress, psychological illness, headache and many more.

This treatment directly hits the brain that is why music therapy is very much better. This therapy is not known much but is very much effective. 

Evolution of music.

As I’ve said music followed us from the ages but now we are the follower of music thats the different thing. Earlier there was nothing but now there are loads of professional instruments available which have already polished the music sense in humans. Now a days electronic music, hiphop is a very popular genre one is pure instrumental and one is more of lyrics. 

This is all for Music psychology in humans. I hope you all like it. 

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