Human conventions..

We all want to rule this world.. 
This is the topic going on my mind for few days. How we all live to reach our destinations. How it’s all created? this was my question and I got so many answers for this.


What is human convention?

Look at yourself you also follow it. When we born as a human we take a first step towards it. We started involving in our convention from our playschool (sounds weird right..). Just think how you started studying things just to get into higher classes in school. You started realising you need to have a good professional life then you took a step to choose your field of profession. This is not all you just got into beginners level now.

After this you started thinking like.

Smart profession = good carrier = handsome money = good girl = Happy family = Happy you

      What a relation.. We all think like this and it is obvious and makes sense too( for us right ). But this world have nothing to do with this shit just imagine you are going to die anyways. Whether you are a billionaire or a begger you are going to leave all this behind you. This makes sense that you have to prove yourself and live like a boss for entire life. Think of the human conventional chain it’s a very deep concept which took place without any intention to make us busy but just because of our thoughts we created it.

Yes you heard right our thoughts gave this birth. We all want to get success no one here want to live like a slave or want to live in a small apparment we started working hard to achieve it when we got civilized. This helped us to develop our species too. So, the conclusion can be our selfishness or you can say the desire to live a royal life.

Just look now we humans are almost controlling this globe. I will not be wrong if I say we are ruling this world. Except the nature everything is in our control ( just think what left? ). This will haunt you that we are ruling humans nothing else. We are trying to rule each other. And this gave lots of distructive results. I added these points because we species are meant to live a life as beautiful as nature but our own convention is destroying each other. So, from where it started it was started from our own thoughts our own desire.

Human convention is what we are living. Just like in electricity +ve charge and -ve charge exists our human behaviour also can categorised in same way.

This is my thought about human convention. I leave further discussion to you. 

Thank you for visiting…! 

(We don’t claim any credits for the pics uploaded above.) 

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