A short poem.. 

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You don’t know me…


You don’t know me..!

Talking about the facts, is there anyone who can show me ?

I’ve seen a dream

Working hard for that with lights dim

I was in the pain

When people were enjoying rain

I am smiling high

Deep inside i wanna cry

When people were competing with eachother

I was competing with a person in the mirror

Talking about me everytime

Do you think you know me..?

I can’t forget what I’m looking for..



I stare in mirror sometimes

I see no clear image of mine

I heard people giving me advice

I stood like a mountain in my tough times

now what I become is a tough stone

that innocence in me is now gone

I’ve seen my dreams broken on the floor

I need no motivation anymore

Coz I can’t forget what I’m looking for..

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Heart Beat

grungy heart beat


The only thing i feel is my heart beat

Im never alone , I can still stand on my feet

because it gives me strength

when im afraid my heart beat runs to a long length

Now a single hope is only thing to me

I just want to break all the hurdles and to get free

let me live the life I’ve dreamed

much better than what it seemed

but you cant have rainbow without rain

I have to fight and overcome the pain .

Nothing here belongs to save my life…

I see this world is blind,

I have nothing left behind,

Leaving in this land and can’t even look sunshine,

This is not fair everything i look here is not mine,

I’m think I’m cursed coz nothing here belongs to save my life..

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A Mother’s touch is all you need…


You’ve been by my side since I was small

Whenever I needed you , I just had to call

You’ve nursed my wounds and soothed my fear

Healed my heart and wiped away my tears

You’re my friend so dear

Throughout my life you are always near

My friends asked me why my Mom is the best

I gave them list and told them Im Blessed

Cooking , dinner , cuddles , play    

Singing , Dancing , fun all day

If you will ask me whats my best side

I’ll turn and point out at you Mom

Hear all the cheers on the ground

You are the best person I have ever found

My mother seems me as bright as beautiful girl

Who’s grown up in this busy world

Who’s funny , courageous , strict and strong

Who’s intelligent and knows right from wrong

Mom !Always smile , my worl shines

Mom you will be always mine. 

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