The pain you experience, something you can hide but can’t control because of the emotions bursting inside you …at some point in your life you wanna end up everything , even your soul, is it possible? Yes because the suicide rates increases day by day leaving the old you behind ,forever.
But do you remember everything that happens, happens for a good purpose?

People end their relationships and tend to finish their lives!
Reason? They were cheated or ditched..
Oh! Would you never get that person back in your life? Or he/she is the only one for you?

You failed an EXAM… Wasted several years, Gotta sit with Junior’s.. Sad that! And that makes you fancy of ending up your life! Your Mind plays games but Your heart is scared.

You lost your beloved in an accident or more worser any trauma 😦 The one whom you can’t live without.. And then you think of Sucide! Lets meet in the heaven, we’d live the life after death!
Isn’t this stupid?

You maybe thinking who would do these stuff?!
Answer is – thousands of people die every month by only the thought of committing a Sucide!
But at some point in your life you will be thrown in the same situation because “Nothing stays forever, not even your happiness! ”

Suicide is the last option to end your problems. Because there is no other way to get rid of them is what you think!
Ask yourself don’t you love “You”?
Your parents ! Who raised you the past years to make you Big!
And what would you give them in return, tears? And only tears!
Remember always get back, never underestimate yourself and your eternal esteem! Neverthink that you are alone because someone somewhere is always made for you.
And because you dont have the right to end your life, only your creator has it!


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Does virginity means purity?

21st ,july 2017 , Vishwa’s wedding date… the ambience joy was all around…Her house was decorated with lights and flowers…All relatives gathered for the rituals and ceremony

Vishwa was quite low….. it was time for the bride to say goodbye to her family and friends, she somehow controls her tears and went straightly to her bestfriend…..

Vishwa to her friend-” I am scared, i dont want my past to spoil my new life and my marraige ”

Vishwa’s friend hugged her tightly, made her calm….she told her past was her little infinity…. today is the time you are getting flowers in your life not thorns, Go ahead and live the fullest

Vishwa’s parents came into the room

Vishwa with tears and her hands shivering…. “papa i cannot leave you, Maa help me ”

Her parents ran into her and said

“Beta, we are with you everytime whenever you need”

All of the sudden, brides maid hold her hand and take her off to the farewell ceremony .

Its was time to leave,

Vishwa after all the rituals went into the room ( it was 😍 love everywhere all around)

Vishwa’s husband enters the room, little shy, more excited.

He told her” baby please standup, ive gotta put this white bed sheet ”

Vishwa :- Why love? Why are you not speaking?

Vishwa’s husband told her its a virginity test!

Oh my god! Vishwa was in shock! And told him ” I AM NOT A VIRGIN”


vishwa’s husband came close to her pulled her and slapped her tightly!

All her in laws gathered in the room, her husband told her everything.

Her in laws insulted viswa by telling it was bog mistake to choose her, a characterless girl cannot stay in this house

Vishwa’s mother in law snached her and threw her out of the house

What will vishwa do now? What will she answer to her family? Her friends?

“She attempted suicide”

On a railway track! Her parents broke down! The happy wedding house changed into hell of pain!

Now can you was it vishwa’s fault? Yes! Her fault was she attemped suicide.

Why in india purity is only meant by virginity?

Ever questioned?

A girl’s character is applicable to her virginity! No! She has right to live her life by her own.

If a man can sleep, he always sleep with a girl!

Men should change first not girls. If she allows someone to be physical its a boy’s duty to never let her go.


Relationships , Ew or Wow ?

Romantic relationships are often thought of as friendships with the addition of passion, intimacy and commitment. To love and to be loved just as you are; to form a partnership and build a lifetime together; to look at your partner and see the future, these are some of the most rewarding parts of life.


Like all teenager’s , I find relationship is a bond of friendship ,.. Actually more than a friendship. But I have negative feelings too……


We want a relationship in which he or she makes you feel special , lovable , sings lovely songs for you , A bunch of surprises and romance too. But I think we should not take our relationship way too seriously  (for all teenagers specially ) Because life is too long ahead have a long life in which people go and new people comes . When one of your partner quits the relationship you broke into Pieces and they leave in Peace with someone other . That moment you will feel broken and alone . So my thinking is not that we cant trust , Trust is Must..!!!

Enjoy your relationship till it works , live  every moment , understand each other so you will never have a problem . Live every moment happily together . This is how it works !!!

What are your Reviews about Relationships ? Comment below and let us know your thoughts !

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GRATITUDE – The Law of Magic



No matter who you are , Where you are , What circumstances you are living now the magic of gratitude will change your life .

From Buddha to Einstein all practiced the law of gratitude . You have always been heard “ What you sow so shall you reap “

Or “ What goes around comes around “ are the universals law itself .

Well I can say is “Gratitude a day keeps a problem away “

How much gratitude you give to a situation , the happy things will multiply and will come back to you just like a boomerang !!!

It is all because of the law of attraction so whatever you think , whatever you feel …you attract back to you.

GRATITUDE IS MAGNETIC . More Gratitude you have ,

More abundance you magnetize.



Even the well known persons like Newton who mentioned in his theory “ Every action has an equal and opposite reaction “ applies to our law of gratitude .


And Jesus said ” THANKYOU before he performed each miracle “.


Muhammad said ” gratitude for abundance will continue” .


Buddha said ” you have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy” .


So practice of gratitude is at the very root of most indigenous traditions.

Practice Gratitude and don’t forget to thank yourself.




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I can’t forget what I’m looking for..



I stare in mirror sometimes

I see no clear image of mine

I heard people giving me advice

I stood like a mountain in my tough times

now what I become is a tough stone

that innocence in me is now gone

I’ve seen my dreams broken on the floor

I need no motivation anymore

Coz I can’t forget what I’m looking for..

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